Monday, 30 July 2012

Last Monday I visited London, to seek inspiration for my sketchbook. I got the train to London at 6am and arrived at approx. 9. This gave me time to catch a quick coffee before the V&A opened at 10am for the Ballgown exhibition, which I have been dying to see!

Exhibition Rd.

The best cup of tea!

Whilst trying to find my way around the V&A I stumbled upon the Britain Creates display which embraces a Fashion and Art collusion. British visual Artists and Fashion Designers have collaborated to    compose an array of sculptures, audio's and installations as part of the London 2012 festival.
Designers included Giles Deacon, Hussain Chalayan, Mary Katrantzou and Paul Smith.

I also looked at the permenant Fashion section, which has just been refurbished.

This garment, reminded me of the dress I manufactured for my year 1 fashion show!

This section here out of the whole of the fashion collection inspired me the most. I would like to develop the idea of tailoring and include it in my final collection.

Again the exaggerated sleeves a clear feature of this century!

Quick sketch of the above garment

Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of the Ballgown exhibition, and managed two sketches before  I was told I couldn't sketch!

After having lunch, I also went to the Tate Modern to see the Damien Hirst Exhibition.

The exhibition was amazing!! And again I wasnt able to take photo's. The exhibition included Mother and Child divided, which composed a cow and calf sliced in half.

Whilst in the Tate I also took time to wander round the gallerys...

This is one of Sonia Delaunay works, I have previously covered the artist in one of my previous units as she takes advantage of the psychology of colour.

This, is the clear inspiration for the Mondrian dress!

 I took these pictures for the texture! This composed ply wood cut into different sizes and angles, highlighting shadows and forms in the wood.

 Again I was intrigued by the texture. and how old books have led to form a beautiful piece of art.

This installation reminded me of a thread I researched in my last brief; Chinese Food Binding. It also reminded me of a textile artist I researched; Sheila Hicks.

After visiting the exhibitions I then met up with my dad for some lunch, and a general walk around London!

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