Sunday, 23 December 2012


For my illustration brief, I had to illustrate four boards that have been inspired by other illustrators work.
The boards had to illustrate my sustainable designs for fashion house Noir.
I had to ensure that the style, and colour palette reflected Noirs brand identity of sleek and sexy, as well as illustrating my own designs for the label.

The above two, are inspired by Phillip Lims illustrations. I like the first one and feel that the sketchy style works well, and that I have portrayed Phillip Lims style well. 
However the second one, didn't work so well as it is not as free and loose.
For this illustration I used fine liner.

The above two are in the style of Antonio Marras, creative director of Kenzo. 
I really like this style, and feel that the illustrations work well, in reflecting my designs. 
For this I used my own fashion figure, but mixed it with the style of Marras by using fabric and machine stitch.
I found working in this style, easy as it flowed and felt natural. 
I will continue to work in this style, and carry on developing. For this illustration I used, paper, calico, letraset markers, machine stitch and fine liner.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I have been researching into illustrator Maren Esdar, that uses computer collage. 
After sampling in my sketchbook, I have now tried to create my own.

This is my first, here I was experimenting with layering.
Again I am experimenting, and sampling.

Here is my final collage on photoshop. I have layered a Katharine Hamnett top "no more fashion victims" (this is something I came across in my sustainable brief) with a rabbit fur gilet. I have then inserted a picture of a skinned fox, as well as a face that symbolises both death and reflects back to animal rights with the ears.
I then carried on playing around, changing the colours of the face, and inserting an extra arm.

Friday, 14 December 2012


I have also looked at Grayson Perry, most famous for his vases. For his illustration I have used CAD - photoshop.

Grayson, draws illustrations and then scans them in to the computer and places them on streets with signs, which often have a link with an issue of the time or whats going on in the media. 


Above I have began to adopt Kane's style, taking his original illustrations and experimenting to get a feel for his way of working and choice of media; pen, pencil.

Above, to the right bottom I have taken inspiration from his illustration, and interpreted it to reflect my own work. On his original the face appeared to be some sort of animal, so I did the same I took the nose and ears of a cow and mixed them up to make the face, and cow feet for the figure. These features are used to reflect leather and that it is not sustainable. I have then included a bow on the illustration as through my research I noted that when Kane was younger he would often fantasise about woman with bows, ball gowns  and long hair. I also included a top hat, as this is an accessory I used in my own designs, to reflect the sleekness and sharp tailoring of my sustainable designer Noir.
I think this illustration has worked well, I like the vagueness of it, and that it is left open to interpretation, it is not meant to be understood.

Opposite, I have directly re created one of Kane's work using pen and pencil.

I particularly like this style, its edgy and raw, I will take inspiration from this and apply it to my own current style.


I have choose to experiment with Phillip Lims illustrations below, I have adapted to his style and choice of media (sharpie fine liner) as well as interpreting my sustainable designs to inform the garment choice.
This is a style of drawing I felt very comfortable with, I love the raw and "sketchyness" of it. I will defiantly be using this style to inspire and develop my own.


I have now started a new illustration brief in college, this is a skill I'm unconfident with and so will be good to improve my techniques!

One of the tasks is to research into both contemporary and historical illustrators, we then have to experiment with both there method and media. 

One of the illustrators I looked at was Carl Erickson, whilst researching I noted that he carried his sketchbook everywhere he went, and would only draw still life... so this is what I did.

I then took Eric's style and his preffered choice of media (charcoal) and began to sketch using my own capsule collection designs to inform the garments...

I like this technique and choice of media; charcoal. However I don't think this method would suit my sustainable designs as the illustration needs to be more current.


I had previously, modelled on the stand reflecting golden ratio. However I was dissatisfied with the work, as it appeared unfinished and didn't show my creativity.
Subject to this I have re worked the golden ratio, injecting more creativity. I am much happier with this work, and feel it reflects the golden ratio in a more artistic way.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012