Sunday, 23 December 2012


For my illustration brief, I had to illustrate four boards that have been inspired by other illustrators work.
The boards had to illustrate my sustainable designs for fashion house Noir.
I had to ensure that the style, and colour palette reflected Noirs brand identity of sleek and sexy, as well as illustrating my own designs for the label.

The above two, are inspired by Phillip Lims illustrations. I like the first one and feel that the sketchy style works well, and that I have portrayed Phillip Lims style well. 
However the second one, didn't work so well as it is not as free and loose.
For this illustration I used fine liner.

The above two are in the style of Antonio Marras, creative director of Kenzo. 
I really like this style, and feel that the illustrations work well, in reflecting my designs. 
For this I used my own fashion figure, but mixed it with the style of Marras by using fabric and machine stitch.
I found working in this style, easy as it flowed and felt natural. 
I will continue to work in this style, and carry on developing. For this illustration I used, paper, calico, letraset markers, machine stitch and fine liner.

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