Friday, 14 December 2012


I have also looked at Grayson Perry, most famous for his vases. For his illustration I have used CAD - photoshop.

Grayson, draws illustrations and then scans them in to the computer and places them on streets with signs, which often have a link with an issue of the time or whats going on in the media. 

Here, I have took this image which displays animal cruelty and the fact that Donna Karan has used possibly angora in her collections. This links in with my collection of sustainability and sustainable fabrics/designer research.

I then scanned in one of my designs from my sustainable brief and played around with colour, contrast, brightness and levels.

Here I have placed my figure onto another background, which shows protests about animal cruelty, and the act if manufacturing clothing out of animal skim.

Here I have took a head of a model, and placed it on my figure. I have then played around with the gamma on the background to acheive this affect, this also makes the figure the centre of attention.

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