Friday, 14 December 2012


Above I have began to adopt Kane's style, taking his original illustrations and experimenting to get a feel for his way of working and choice of media; pen, pencil.

Above, to the right bottom I have taken inspiration from his illustration, and interpreted it to reflect my own work. On his original the face appeared to be some sort of animal, so I did the same I took the nose and ears of a cow and mixed them up to make the face, and cow feet for the figure. These features are used to reflect leather and that it is not sustainable. I have then included a bow on the illustration as through my research I noted that when Kane was younger he would often fantasise about woman with bows, ball gowns  and long hair. I also included a top hat, as this is an accessory I used in my own designs, to reflect the sleekness and sharp tailoring of my sustainable designer Noir.
I think this illustration has worked well, I like the vagueness of it, and that it is left open to interpretation, it is not meant to be understood.

Opposite, I have directly re created one of Kane's work using pen and pencil.

I particularly like this style, its edgy and raw, I will take inspiration from this and apply it to my own current style.

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