Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I have now added my "collar and collar stand" to my trousers. Here I have pinned where I will sew a retainer row along, to ensure all fabric is held back.  

Here as you can see I have stitched my retainer row. 

Beginning to pattern for cuff

Finished pattern

Above, I was beginning to pattern for my cuffs. I took the measurements from the hem of the patterns for the centre front leg and back and drew these out on pattern paper. I then added access, that will enable a cross over of fabric on the cuff. 

Now I have pattern for my cuff, I can begin to manufacture. 
Here I have sewn around the two pieces of fabric leaving the top. I then reduced bulk and bagged out, steaming neatly to ensure a crisp edge.

Here U I have sewn the overlap 2cm ensuring to backtack

Cuff is now finished and ready to be attatched

Above is my finished toile, overall I am happy with the design and looking forward to seeing the final garment!

Here I have laid out my pattern pieces ready to cut out. 

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