Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Task 4: In College, for a final task of the styling breif we are recreating a paiting using photography and our styling skills learnt throughout this unit.
Here are three of the photo's I have chosen, after analysing and evaluating each image I will choose my final one which I will recreate using photography.

Skull Girl #3                                                            Skull Girl #6

Here are two images I have chosen by Spanish artist Jorge Monreal. Monreal takes inspiration from Picasso and Dali, and his favourite style of art is acrylic which is clearly reflected in his work. 
Skull Girl 3: The model appears to be wearing skull like makeup or a mask, this could impression on the mood of the image which I feel is one of depression. This could be that the mask is acting as a alter ego and that the model is carrying around guilt or death and this has been portrayed in mask/makeup form on her face. 
The image I feel is centred around the face, and the detail works really well in defining her features.
Monreal has used bold brushstrokes to portray light and exposure in the photo, such as on the shoulder where it is mainly white.
Monreal has used a black backdrop in which strokes of red have shown through, this contrasts with the model and makes certain features stand out, such as the white face.
I think the way that Monreal uses strong bold colours such as red, cyan and blues works well. There is almost an explosion of colours on the models body which could symbolise the real side of the model contrasting with the depression of the skull like features.
The use of props e.g. the cigarette in the models hand and the skull like face indicated a rock and roll scene, quite gothic and eery.
I also think that Monreal may have took inspiration from Otto Dix; A Skull 1917.
I think the target market for this painting, would be creative people who will appreciate the quirkiness and detail that has been injected into the painting.
In terms of magazines it would appeal to I.D as it is unorthodox, and quite eccentric.

This painting is by Amedeo Modigliani, the mood of this image is quite peaceful as there are no harsh colours or brush strokes. The overall image is fairly matt and dull the colours fade into one, the composition is slightly to the left and portrays the model from waist up. The colours used also convey a peaceful mood through the use of white which could also suggest clarity and purity, this is also reflected in the models facial expression which is very calm and relaxed.
The model is styled in what appears to be work wear, which may suggest middle class. I think this would appeal to the older generation as is it a 1917 painting.

I have chosen Jorge Monreal'S Skull #3 as my final image which I will recreate through photography, as I feel this image will work well when portrayed as a photograph.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

La Ballon Rogue Photoshoot

Today in College, after taking inspiration from the film; La Ballon Rogue we styled a photoshoot portraying are take on the film.

When I watched the film I was inclined to the way the balloon as an object carried a human like role/personality. The balloon also portrayed a fun side not only through actions but the choice of colour in which Ambroisse commisioned, the youthful vibrant red which contrasted against the dull mudane French town.

From this we progressed into an alter-ego idea, in which we would use a two models one putting on a front e.g. confident, bold and the other model contrasting acting as her alter-ego e.g. anxious and shy.
We also decided to dress the model in bright fun playful colours e.g. pinks and the alter-ego's in dark muted tones such as black and greys too symbolise that they are putting on a front and even though they may be smiling inside they are hurting.

In terms of shots we decided to do 4 themes using 4 models so it portays everybody has an alter-ego, we also decided that our two alter-ego models will hold balloons in reference to the film.
I am pleased with the outcome of this shoot and think it has worked well, if I was to re-shoot I would have origianlly used a plain background as I have had to go back into the photo's and photoshop the background white.

I will upload the photo's from the shoot when they have been completed!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Le Ballon Rouge

Today in College as part of our styling breif, we watched the 1965 Le Ballon Rouge directed by Albert Lamorisse.
The film is just 34 minutes and follows the adventures of a young boy and his balloon, as there is no narration the music tells the story which makes the film even more interging.
The boy in the film appears lonely and isolated and so his balloon takes on a friendship role e.g. as the boys at school the balloon waits for him outside. There gradually becomes a strong relationship between the boy and balloon, I also see a mother and son bond.  In one of the scenes the boy is crossing the road with the balloon and grabs onto its string as a mother would hold onto there childs hand. It is almost asif they are both dependent on one an other and need eachother as a child needs his mother.
The colour of the bike also contains significance, the balloon is red which indicated warmth, love and security which is definatly portrayed through the scenes. However there is also a mischeivious side to the balloon and almost playful which is also the charcteristcs of the colour red.

Many films, adverts, paintings and music video's have been inspired by this film. Such as Mark Ronson - ride my bike, in this however the bike replaces the balloon and there is a connection between Ronson and the biek.
Adverts such as Miss Dior; Cherie by Sofia Coppola have also had clear insparation from this film, where the multi coloured balloons are let loose and at the end of the advert the model is being uplifted by the multicoloured balloons which cearly reflects the ending of Le Ballons Rouge.


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Styling Breif

This week in College we where given our new brief... styling!!
I look forward to this project as it is route/direction I would like to progress to in the future, for our first task we where given a word which was explosion in which we had 24 hours to respond to.
Here we had to style the images including hair, makeup, pose, background and camera angles. It was a task which required detailed planning as every aspect had to be considered in order to produce a successful image. However it was a task which I was exited for and definitely enjoyed! It also gave me the opportunity to have an insight into the tasks and roles of a stylist.

These are some of the pictures taken from the shoot.

(From left Megan, Me, Holly, Annie)

I will update this post with the final image.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Today I took Bella (dog) on a walk through the forest, It was a lovely winters day despite the mud when we got back in!
Here are some of the photo's...

Jumper - Ralph Lauren, Jeans - Very, Wellingtons - Hunter

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Year 1 Major Project Photo Shoot for Beth X

These are some of the shots taken from a photo shoot I did on behalf of my friend for her college project, in which she designed and constructed the head peice.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

William Tempest

William Tempest is a British Fashion designer from Cheshire, he studied a National Diploma in Fashion at London Road, Mid Chesire which Is the same course and college I am completing.
He then progressed on to work for Giles Geacon and study at the London College of Fashion where he got a honours degree in womenswear before moving to Paris and launching his label during 2009.

Tempest's look focus's on tailoring, innovative cutting and experiments with shape. His designs have been worn by celebrities such as Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Lilly Allen, Leona Lewis, Victoria Beckham, Jameela Jamil and my favourite syle icon ALEXA CHUNG!

Tempest has also collaborated with high profile supermodels such as Kate Moss, to launch a new fashion exibiton held at Kensignton place in London a pace with Vivieene Westwood, and has been featured in magazines such as Harperz Baazar, Elle and Vogue.

Whats more exiting, is that he is visiting OUR college during the month of December, this will give us the oppertunity to ask any questions we may have regarding how our course was of benefit and any general questions about his experiences.
I will update once he has been.... EXITING!

These are two of my favourite designs from the Spring/11 collection which was inspired by a painting by John William Waterhouse, in which alot of his work featured mermaids and the sea.
Throughout this collection Tempest has worked with georgetts and chiffons placing them on top of a structerd layer, which keeps in sync with his signature.


The September Issue

Today in College we watched "The September Issue" this features a documentry fim showing the behind the scenes of Anna Wintour and her staff during the construction of Vogue's September issue.

I enjoyed this film as it gave me an insight into what goes on behind the front cover of the magazine, and the effort that is put in by Wintour and her staff. Every detail counts and everything had to be percise, Grace Coddington the creative director who was a model until the age of 26 where she was involved in a car crash and had to undergo plastic surgey,  is amazing throughout the film. Despite the nock backs and her ideas being cut out, she carried on and took it in her stride and this is something in which I have found inseperational.

Anna Wintour is very powerful and aunthoritive (which scared some designers), and despite her cold attitude and percise(ness) it is essential as the final production is always amazing and definatly worth it! I completely admire her and her work!

Now I have watched "The September Issue" when reading the magazine I will appreciate it more, as I have had an insight into the work that is put into the production. It has also made me determined and inspired to become a stylist, but has also taught me that it is a very tough and competitive industry.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Art and Eat?

I have recently visited Manchester's "wagamama" and was intrigued by the "artandeat".
This is a collaboration between Wagamama and Moniker Projects to showcase some of Britain's best emerging artists, which displayed throughout the restaurant in the form of unique place mats and bookmarks.

One artist that took my interest was Pam Glew from Brighton best known for her own bleaching technique on flags which allows her to play with icons and culture.
Glew is inspired by film in which she references throughout her work by using actresses, models and musicians.  After further research it was revealed that Glew has also collaborated with labels such as Armani, Red Bull,  Ralph Lauren, MTV and Mitsubishi Bank.

She is definitely one to watch out for!


Alex Turner's Elvis inspired Quiff

Having just got in from an (amazing!) Arctic Monkeys gig in Manchester, I was intrigued to see that the bands front man Alex Turner has been inspired by 1950's Rock & Roll legend Elvis Presley.
Even today this era is still influencing the formation of the music culture, as Turner appeared in a leather jacket and jeans trading his lengthy hair in for a quiff.

Timeless British bands such as The Beatles, The Clash, The Smiths and The Stone Roses have said to have been of influence for the foundations of the Arctic Monkeys, however Turners love for 60's rock has also provided the roots for the three albums and has definitely been the grounds for his new look!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Presentation on My Chosen Artist

Today I gave a presentation to my peers on my chosen artist which as Tracey Emin who belongs to the conceptual art movement. In general my presentation went well and I have enjoyed this first brief, despite the nerves for presenting for the first time! Here I will give a brief summary of my presentation.
Tracey Emin is a English artist from Turkish origin in which childhood traumas provide her with the fuel for her work. Tracey also centers her work around her childhood and sexual encounters in which takes the form of mono prints, neon's, applique, films, embroideries, and letters.

I believe before you try to understand Emins work you must understand the artist and subsequently I included detail about Tracey's childhood.

Tracey and twin brother Paul where born in Croydon before moving back to the Greek speaking village of Envar. They then after persuasion from family and friends living within the village they moved to Margate where they invested in six guest houses knocking them together to form the "Hotel International". This was the inspiration for her first applique subsequently named - Hotel International.

The situation soon changed Tracy's father became bankrupt and they where forced to squat in a small staff cottage behind the hotel whilst Tracey's mother struggled to make ends meet working as a waitress in a nightclub. After leaving a disco in 1976 Tracey was raped in an alleyway. she was thirteen at the time and recalls this experience in detail in Exploration of the Soul which compromises  framed sheets of blue A4 notepaper on which Emin has written a poetic text recounting significant moments in her life up until the age of thirteen. From here her life only became more dysfunctional her mother gave up and moved to London leaving Tracey alone in the house. She describes as her "shagging years" in which she would go out to the pub eat fish and chips and then have sex because it felt good and was free.

Work which I found most interesting was

- Everyone I ever Slept with 1995

This featured a range of names stitched to the interior lining of the tent ranging from, lovers, family, friends and two aborted foetuses. Tracey liked the idea that people would come out of the tent thinking about who they had shared intimacy with, and they took this experience away with them.

Exorcism of the Last painting I ever Made 1996

Th     This is an installation that was produced in 1998, it compromised a wooden bed surrounded in dirty clutter such as empty bottles, old newspapers and dirty laundry. The significance behind this has been described by Tracey as she could have died in there and that's how people would have found her and this took her to another place outside of her.

My Bed 1998 

This was an installation produced in 1998 which showcased a wooden bed along with dirty laundry, used condoms, old newspapers, cigarette packets, pills and other dirty clutter. The significance behind this is that Tracey after a night out woke up to get a drink and when walking back into her room where the bed was she looked at it and thought "Oh my god, I could have died there and that's how people would have found me". This also allowed her to interact with the viewer and they could see her intimacy, by sharing her most personal space it showed people she was insecure and imperfect like everyone else.

My view upon Emins work is one that I beleive you have to understand Tracey, if you simply just look at her work without no understanding or context you cannot appreciate it in the same way. Her work is very individual and personal, she shares her most intimate details and traumatic experiences with the viewer in order to portray the meaning behind the work.