Tuesday, 6 December 2011

La Ballon Rogue Photoshoot

Today in College, after taking inspiration from the film; La Ballon Rogue we styled a photoshoot portraying are take on the film.

When I watched the film I was inclined to the way the balloon as an object carried a human like role/personality. The balloon also portrayed a fun side not only through actions but the choice of colour in which Ambroisse commisioned, the youthful vibrant red which contrasted against the dull mudane French town.

From this we progressed into an alter-ego idea, in which we would use a two models one putting on a front e.g. confident, bold and the other model contrasting acting as her alter-ego e.g. anxious and shy.
We also decided to dress the model in bright fun playful colours e.g. pinks and the alter-ego's in dark muted tones such as black and greys too symbolise that they are putting on a front and even though they may be smiling inside they are hurting.

In terms of shots we decided to do 4 themes using 4 models so it portays everybody has an alter-ego, we also decided that our two alter-ego models will hold balloons in reference to the film.
I am pleased with the outcome of this shoot and think it has worked well, if I was to re-shoot I would have origianlly used a plain background as I have had to go back into the photo's and photoshop the background white.

I will upload the photo's from the shoot when they have been completed!

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I want to see those photos, It's so inspiring when you create outfits based on a character. We used to do that in college,it's almost like a costume designing.

xx Ellena