Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Task 4: In College, for a final task of the styling breif we are recreating a paiting using photography and our styling skills learnt throughout this unit.
Here are three of the photo's I have chosen, after analysing and evaluating each image I will choose my final one which I will recreate using photography.

Skull Girl #3                                                            Skull Girl #6

Here are two images I have chosen by Spanish artist Jorge Monreal. Monreal takes inspiration from Picasso and Dali, and his favourite style of art is acrylic which is clearly reflected in his work. 
Skull Girl 3: The model appears to be wearing skull like makeup or a mask, this could impression on the mood of the image which I feel is one of depression. This could be that the mask is acting as a alter ego and that the model is carrying around guilt or death and this has been portrayed in mask/makeup form on her face. 
The image I feel is centred around the face, and the detail works really well in defining her features.
Monreal has used bold brushstrokes to portray light and exposure in the photo, such as on the shoulder where it is mainly white.
Monreal has used a black backdrop in which strokes of red have shown through, this contrasts with the model and makes certain features stand out, such as the white face.
I think the way that Monreal uses strong bold colours such as red, cyan and blues works well. There is almost an explosion of colours on the models body which could symbolise the real side of the model contrasting with the depression of the skull like features.
The use of props e.g. the cigarette in the models hand and the skull like face indicated a rock and roll scene, quite gothic and eery.
I also think that Monreal may have took inspiration from Otto Dix; A Skull 1917.
I think the target market for this painting, would be creative people who will appreciate the quirkiness and detail that has been injected into the painting.
In terms of magazines it would appeal to I.D as it is unorthodox, and quite eccentric.

This painting is by Amedeo Modigliani, the mood of this image is quite peaceful as there are no harsh colours or brush strokes. The overall image is fairly matt and dull the colours fade into one, the composition is slightly to the left and portrays the model from waist up. The colours used also convey a peaceful mood through the use of white which could also suggest clarity and purity, this is also reflected in the models facial expression which is very calm and relaxed.
The model is styled in what appears to be work wear, which may suggest middle class. I think this would appeal to the older generation as is it a 1917 painting.

I have chosen Jorge Monreal'S Skull #3 as my final image which I will recreate through photography, as I feel this image will work well when portrayed as a photograph.

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Hotchocolate & Sunshine said...

I love Jorge Monreal's art. hes very talented. x