Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My task was;

"Using your research from your contextual studies unit, you will select a painting depicting a model, that you will then have to recreate using styling and props. You must show the planning and experimentation in preparation for your shoot. The final print will need to be printed to A3. The aim is for you to create an image that is very similar to the original painting, as demonstrated in the images on the front of this brief. You will present your final image to the group"

And as noted in a previous post I choose to recreate Jorge Monreals Skull girl #3.
Today I collaborated with a photography student and styled my shoot for the recreation, here are some images from "behind the scenes"






I used face paint to create the effect on the body that was created on skull girl #3. I painted the face and the body unto the waist. In natural light this effect looked good, however once in the studio the lighting drowned the paint out and I had to do another layer making the stand out more. Photography also used blue, red, purple and green gels to achieve this effect. At first however we couldn't achieve the correct lighting on the photographs, to overcome this we added a blue gel, and set the lights further back.
Another problem I faced was getting the correct pose. Due to it being a paining the pose was quite un-natural and therefore it was difficult to position my model in the correct way.

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of the shoot, I think everything worked well and this is due to planning. I had already experimented with backgrounds, poses, and makeup and so I was prepared if something did go wrong.

I will upload my final edited version once completed.

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