Friday, 27 January 2012

We are beginning are new brief in college which is Textiles, and so I have been researching into Mary Katrantzou in connection to independent research.

 Greek print designer Mary Katrantzou, studied in Rhodes and later St Martins. Mary takes inspiration from Russian art movement Constructivism, which I have previously researched in my contextual studies brief.
She uses graphics to create optical illusion of over sized jewelry, Mary also plays with symmetry and graphics to enhance the female shape.

Mary Katrantzou
This here is one of my favourite pieces from her AW/2009 collection.

Another designer I researched into is textile designer Mary White, who was most iconic during the 1950's where her work influenced names such as Mary Quant and Laura Ashley.
Her designs where also featured in leading stores such as Liberty and Heals, her work also features in the V&A.
More recently her retro prints have been used for bikini's and mens shirts by Pigletchops.

This print is called Coppice, and is one of my favourite prints. There is a warm feel to the print, and is a classic design of the 50's, it would have been featured in many UK homes.

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