Wednesday, 25 April 2012

College Update

This week in college I have been carrying out my research into the brain, and the way in which it can have impulse upon anorexia. I analysed Brooke Robert's work, who connects science with design through a extensive collection of knits. I have also looked at reports, that suggest that the brain is a cause for anorexia and the roles of different sectors of the brain.

After researching into the brain in deeper detail and feel I have sufficient research to begin some designs... so here they are!

I am know going to continue my exploration into the brain, strengthening my designs and sampling.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

College Update

Yesterday I hit a mental block with my college work. So I used the methods learnt in a workshop we did to help generate new idea's. Using my research into designers, I took John Paul Gaultier's 2010 couture collection which was inspired my the Aztec emperor Montezuma. 
The fabric, props, accessories and music where all inspired by Montezuma, and I am going to apply this method to my own work. 

In my previous post, I wrote about my research into the families effect on anorexia, and that the disease can occur when the teen feels that they need control or need to break free. 
To develop this idea further, I have found strong images which represent these emotions. 

And this image, one of my favourites by
Richard Averon! It took me hours to find this image
I used one of the others from this collection
for my other brief. And after searching with
photography students and lecturers I
finally found it!! This I feel shows control.
This image is by Robbie Spencer ( one of my favourites)
, I feel represents breaking free.

I also began to look into the mind, and different divisions within the mind. I also came across an amazing knit designer Brooke Roberts, that takes CT brain scans and turns them into amazing designs!

Brooke uses  her technical insight and knowledge of human anatomy through X-rays and ct scans, to inform her textile design. Brooke takes inspiration from X-rays, ct skins, body mapping, and contouring to create graphic effects through colour and texture. 
 Her knitwear combines cashmere, wool, cotton, silk, techno-plastic, metallic and retro-reflective yarns.

I am now going to create five, designs based on the mind and the knowledge learnt. 
Today I modelled on behalf of my friend, as she is going to University this year. And as part of her interview was asked to produce a themed invitation which she choose the label Mullberry.

Here are some images...

Shirt, Zara Skirt, American Apparel Shoes, Topshop Bag, Mulberry

Yesterday I celebrated my eighteenth birthday, I went shopping to Liverpool in the day and a family meal in the evening. 

I got a MacBook Pro, which means a lot more blogging!!! I also got a mannequin which will come in handy for College, along with an amazing Marc Jacobs watch. I had a very special birthday to top of an amazing week and was truly spoilt! Here are some pictures from the evening.

Me & Dad

Me & Ellis (brother)

Me & Ed 

Favourite Boys

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Research into designers 

As part of task 2, I am required to research into five visual designers collections. For this task I choose to research into; Alexander McQueen, John Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto and Viktor & Rolf. 

My favourite collection was John Paul Gaultier's couture  2010 collection, which was inspired by  an exhibition about Montezuma (Aztec emperor).
To enforce this theme, his catwalk was accompanied by a mariachi band, gauchos, sombreros, stripped peasant blankets, Spanish shawls and cigars. The collection featured bright jewels with metallic shoulder and leg guards.  Eccentric head dresses, and bright feather hats completed the fiesta. 
This is in stark contrast to Viktor & Rolfs collection that wasn't as literal, if you didn't know the actual meaning you wouldn't guess it. The first half of the collection was shown in black light, to represent a black hole that they entreated when they where at a low point. The second half of the show was then shown in white light to symbolise that you can turn a negative into a positive. 
The collection consisted of there signature tailored and over sized, garment. During the first half however you could only see the outline of garments e.g. the white tubes on a suit that when in the black light detailed the skeleton.  

Jean Paul Gaultier 2010

Viktor and Rolf - 1999

College Update

This week I am back to college, after a busy Easter break! 

I have been completing further research into my chosen theme; Anorexia looking at social and family issues. 
Whilst researching I came across some facts that really shocked/interested me...

1.Anorexics often come from families with high levels of rigidity or control. Teen health may be affected by these restraints as the teenager's need to assert independence develops.
2. Anorexia can be seen as a method of asserting self-control over body image, and asserting independence from the family group.
3. If the family is dysfunctional, overprotective and close, individual family members can become dependant on the family for identity. A child or teen who relies on her place in the family for identity may develop anorexia due to a fear of growing up.
4. Other anorexics come from families that overemphasise appearance, fitness and thinness, or have parents who consistently criticised their body shape or weight. A family history of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or substance abuse. 
Page from sketchbook.
From this I have took the overprotective factor, and have modelled on the stand using protective materials e.g. bubble wrap, brown paper, and chains.  I also sewn into the brown paper to make it appear like bones, this effect didn't really work!
I put the bubble wrap, and brown paper around the neck to symbolise feeling trapped and been suffocated which is the sensation when being over protective. 

I also created a sample, of the vertebrae using a thick width ribbon and string.  Which I then placed on the stand in places I thought would be most effective. 

This is a sample, I created using protective fabrics. I also made a smaller vertebrae sample and incorporated this into sample. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

College Update

I felt that I still needed, deeper research to ensure that my designs where of quality. To give me a new thread, I referred to my mind map I had previously made on equality and diversity and selected topics that I had not yet covered. 

1. Gender
2. Religion/ Belief/ Culture

Page from my sketch book

Here I have researched into gender statistics for anorexia, and I came across Jeremy Gillitzer which I then researched into in more detail. I also made a fabric sample on calico, replicating the visible bones that reminded me of pleats.

Page from sketch book
Here I have looked into the different religions associated with fasting, I have reviewed the reasons for and why they do it. 

Across the page I have sampled zips relating to some of my dress designs. 

Here I have applied my research into Anorexia and relative topics, to produce a set of ten designs (here are just four). 

College Update

I have now looked into the disabilities that come with having Anorexia, such as Kyphosis. Kyphosis is a condition where the spine curves, which leads to a hunch back position. This then gave me insight into looking at;

1. The effects the stomach has due to lack of food intake
2. Research into the mental effects it has on a person
3.  The effect the illness has on bone density and how the body cops and adapts to no intake of food.

From looking at the skeleton of a person suffering from Kyphosis, I produced a lino print which I then printed onto a shirt. 

Lino print

Page from sketchbook, where I am looking at the bodes response to Anorexia
Whilst looking at the effects the disorder has on bones, I came across Osteoporosis.  is a condition where the bones become thin and weak, and break easily. I here made an appliqué sample, inspired by the picture on the left. I also made a lace effect sample, I tried to recreate the texture of the porous bones using fabric.