Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Research into designers 

As part of task 2, I am required to research into five visual designers collections. For this task I choose to research into; Alexander McQueen, John Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto and Viktor & Rolf. 

My favourite collection was John Paul Gaultier's couture  2010 collection, which was inspired by  an exhibition about Montezuma (Aztec emperor).
To enforce this theme, his catwalk was accompanied by a mariachi band, gauchos, sombreros, stripped peasant blankets, Spanish shawls and cigars. The collection featured bright jewels with metallic shoulder and leg guards.  Eccentric head dresses, and bright feather hats completed the fiesta. 
This is in stark contrast to Viktor & Rolfs collection that wasn't as literal, if you didn't know the actual meaning you wouldn't guess it. The first half of the collection was shown in black light, to represent a black hole that they entreated when they where at a low point. The second half of the show was then shown in white light to symbolise that you can turn a negative into a positive. 
The collection consisted of there signature tailored and over sized, garment. During the first half however you could only see the outline of garments e.g. the white tubes on a suit that when in the black light detailed the skeleton.  

Jean Paul Gaultier 2010

Viktor and Rolf - 1999

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