Tuesday, 3 April 2012

College Update

I felt that I still needed, deeper research to ensure that my designs where of quality. To give me a new thread, I referred to my mind map I had previously made on equality and diversity and selected topics that I had not yet covered. 

1. Gender
2. Religion/ Belief/ Culture

Page from my sketch book

Here I have researched into gender statistics for anorexia, and I came across Jeremy Gillitzer which I then researched into in more detail. I also made a fabric sample on calico, replicating the visible bones that reminded me of pleats.

Page from sketch book
Here I have looked into the different religions associated with fasting, I have reviewed the reasons for and why they do it. 

Across the page I have sampled zips relating to some of my dress designs. 

Here I have applied my research into Anorexia and relative topics, to produce a set of ten designs (here are just four). 

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