Tuesday, 17 April 2012

College Update

This week I am back to college, after a busy Easter break! 

I have been completing further research into my chosen theme; Anorexia looking at social and family issues. 
Whilst researching I came across some facts that really shocked/interested me...

1.Anorexics often come from families with high levels of rigidity or control. Teen health may be affected by these restraints as the teenager's need to assert independence develops.
2. Anorexia can be seen as a method of asserting self-control over body image, and asserting independence from the family group.
3. If the family is dysfunctional, overprotective and close, individual family members can become dependant on the family for identity. A child or teen who relies on her place in the family for identity may develop anorexia due to a fear of growing up.
4. Other anorexics come from families that overemphasise appearance, fitness and thinness, or have parents who consistently criticised their body shape or weight. A family history of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or substance abuse. 
Page from sketchbook.
From this I have took the overprotective factor, and have modelled on the stand using protective materials e.g. bubble wrap, brown paper, and chains.  I also sewn into the brown paper to make it appear like bones, this effect didn't really work!
I put the bubble wrap, and brown paper around the neck to symbolise feeling trapped and been suffocated which is the sensation when being over protective. 

I also created a sample, of the vertebrae using a thick width ribbon and string.  Which I then placed on the stand in places I thought would be most effective. 

This is a sample, I created using protective fabrics. I also made a smaller vertebrae sample and incorporated this into sample. 

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