Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The September Issue

Today in College we watched "The September Issue" this features a documentry fim showing the behind the scenes of Anna Wintour and her staff during the construction of Vogue's September issue.

I enjoyed this film as it gave me an insight into what goes on behind the front cover of the magazine, and the effort that is put in by Wintour and her staff. Every detail counts and everything had to be percise, Grace Coddington the creative director who was a model until the age of 26 where she was involved in a car crash and had to undergo plastic surgey,  is amazing throughout the film. Despite the nock backs and her ideas being cut out, she carried on and took it in her stride and this is something in which I have found inseperational.

Anna Wintour is very powerful and aunthoritive (which scared some designers), and despite her cold attitude and percise(ness) it is essential as the final production is always amazing and definatly worth it! I completely admire her and her work!

Now I have watched "The September Issue" when reading the magazine I will appreciate it more, as I have had an insight into the work that is put into the production. It has also made me determined and inspired to become a stylist, but has also taught me that it is a very tough and competitive industry.

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