Thursday, 24 November 2011

Styling Breif

This week in College we where given our new brief... styling!!
I look forward to this project as it is route/direction I would like to progress to in the future, for our first task we where given a word which was explosion in which we had 24 hours to respond to.
Here we had to style the images including hair, makeup, pose, background and camera angles. It was a task which required detailed planning as every aspect had to be considered in order to produce a successful image. However it was a task which I was exited for and definitely enjoyed! It also gave me the opportunity to have an insight into the tasks and roles of a stylist.

These are some of the pictures taken from the shoot.

(From left Megan, Me, Holly, Annie)

I will update this post with the final image.


Herdiana Surachman said...

fun photoshoot with friend, waiting for the result :)

Herdiana Surachman

clark said...


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~Style Bot~ said...

How awesome is that concept!?!?! Anyway, I love your blog and will be following! If the spirit moves you, please do the same. Check me out bloggin' buddy! I am at Thanks in advance dollface! Have a beautiful Tuesday and an even better rest of your week! =o)

april said...

creative :) i follow your blog



I miss college when i read your posts.
try to enjoy every second of it, take advantage of everything you are learning, you'll need it.

xx Ellena