Sunday, 23 September 2012


During summer, I went to spain with my family whilst there we hired a car and visited the surrounding area. 
One of the places was Barcelona, a beautiful, beautiful city!! It was SO hot, I couldn't bare to explore all the city, but would love to go back when its cooler and check out what Barcelona has to offer!

Brother Ellis

Wearing Topshop & Zara

Wearing H&M, Zara and Levis

Me and Pops

Mine & Mums ice creams

Such a good read!

Me & Brother. Wearing Aqua & Converse

Mum, Me, Grandma. Wearing Lara Naturals & Topshop

Grandma & Me

Me, Mum and Grandad at Beach front cocktail bar

Me & Brother. Wearing All Saints

We couldn't manage the steps!

Beautiful city!!!

Installation, that we drove past! 

Familiar Cathedral. Absolutely amazing!!!

Brother at water park

Beautiful mother xx

Barcelona beach


Most gorgeous birds!

Brother getting his caricature done