Monday, 17 September 2012

This week I have been working on "girls day out" a event I mentioned it a previous post... And it's finally here!! Here is my schedule of the week;

Monday & Tuesday

During these two days we picked the clothes. We are running the Debenhams fashion show so clothes, shoes and accessories are all from Debenhams!

There are two shows which each have four trends within them.
Show 1: town and country, winter coats, leather and lace, prints, red carpet

Show 2: military, rock chick, power dresses, 20's vintage

We then had to select outfits for our 6 models which range it sizes according to the themes.
This was the part I loved!! Putting all the outfits together, clashing them and mixing designers!


On Wednesday we met our 6 models and began bringing our outfits to life in fittings!


Here we where based at the venue, starting preparation for our first fashion show on Friday.
Preparation included, running orders, choreography and general set up.


The first fashion show!! Here we got to see our outfits brought to life, with make up and the beautiful hair by Terence Paul.
It ran smoothly on the catwalk but behind scenes it was manic!! We had 7 dressers and I was in charge of checking each outfit before it went on stage. Ensuring each outfit is which correct shoes, jewellery and is won as stylist: Martine Alexander wanted.
Each garment had to look prefect as it would on a shoot!

Ash having his eyebrows stencilled, by Beautiful Brows

Models for Town & Country, Stylist Martine Alexander in the Middle.

Models for Leather & Lace

Anna & Ellie for Leather and Lace

Anna for Military

Anna for Rock Chick

Ellie for Military

Hair after gifted blow dry from Terence Paul


Model Charlotte's Rail

Gen & Anna for Power Dress

Audience for our Saturday show

Carly for Vintage 20's


Ellie & Gen for Prints

Anna for Prints

Carly for Red Carpet

Me, Stylist Martine, and other assistant Emily

After the sunday show, the styling team, models and Terence Paul went into Spinning-fields to the Alchemist for a wrap party!

Cocktails Yummm

Me & Emily

Anna and Me