Friday, 16 November 2012


One of our tasks at College, is to design and manufacture a pair of innovative trousers that we will wear at Somerset House, London. 

Here is my final design that I choose on the left, inspired by shirt collar as is reflected on the waist, and cuffs as on the trousers.

I have now begun to toile, and pattern for my trousers.
I had to adapt the pattern to fit me, to do this I took 5cm from the bottom of the trousers, and took 2cm of each side of the centre from and back. I also added 4cm to the top of my pattern, as I want the trousers to be high waisted and sit on the hip.

Here I have constructed the base of my trousers, to ensure that they will fit. I then begain adding the button stand, when I tried them on the didn't fit and where too tight. This resulted in me resorting back to my pattern and adding 1cm around the centre front and back. I then had to re toile. 

I also decided that I didn't like how long the button stand on the front of the trousers was, to ensure it was the right length I re toiled and sampled as above.

I then began to toile and manufacture my collar and collar stand that will attach to the top of my trousers.

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