Friday, 2 March 2012

As a independent task, I am going to complete a fashion story based on the word secret. After exploring different concepts of the work secret, I decided to base my shoot on secret sexuality. I have been inspired by various designers, photographers and stylists.

Robbie Spencer; Stylist

This picture fits in with my theme, as It looks like a jigsaw which Is how the person in my shoot feels. Its like they don't know where they belong, and don't know where they fit into. It could also symbolise that there falling apart, and are struggling putting themselves back together.

In my shoot I am going to symbolise this by putting paper clips on the face, like tears.
This picture inspires me, as it is like he is releasing all his anger, fear and upset. This theory links in with the phsycology of colour as green is  thought to relieve stress. The colour green referring to the psychology of colour reflects fertility which links in with my theme of sexuality.  
I think this picture reflects my concept, as his face is divided into two and the colours may represent different emotions. Just like in my story, where the model is feeling a range of emotions which he feels unable to let out.

Samuel Cirnansck; Designer

 This was part of Samuel's collection for Sao Paulo Fashion Week.His models where bound and gagged, this links in with my theme of my story in that the model feels restrained and trapped. The S&M concept also links in with the idea of sexuality which I am trying to portray in my story.

Herring & Herring; Photography

These pictures are from an editorial for Zinks magazine, on each picture the models have been restrained from speaking with props, and fabric. It appears as though they are being prevented from them spilling or telling a secret, alike the model in my shoot. These images have inspired me and provided me with idea's for my shoot, e.g. using fish net tights to cover my models head. This emphasises the trapped feeling.

I will update, with the final images from my shoot.


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