Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I am currently working on a design and textile brief in College. We have researched the design cycle and are going to incorporate this into our work. We are using the use of research into equality and diversity, to then pick a topic relating to this and research it in depth. This will provide inspiration and a colour scheme for our designs.

This week we have chosen a picture that we think portrays equality and diversity. I choose a picture by photographer Tim Walker, this displays an oriental looking half man and half woman that have been connected and entwined, like the leaves behind them.

Page from my sketchbook

I then looked at the leaves and genders entwining, and found a textile sample by Sheila Hicks called Os Bones. This represents cloth and cotton entwining. I then made this sample my self using scrap bits of fabric, and placed it on the mannequin in various places e.g. shoulder. I also using a technique learnt in one of my textile workshops, appliqued the bones.

Page from my sketchbook

This reminded me of, Chinese foot binding as there wrapped tightly and bound. For my next thread I am going to research into the impacts of Chinese Foot Binding.

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