Friday, 30 March 2012

If you haven't read my past blog on my college brief, I have been conducting the design cycle for my final garment in preparation for the fashion show. I have previously looked at Tim Walkers, picture portraying half man half woman. I then researched into entwining, looking at Sheila Hicks; Os Bones textile sample. Which I then produced myself, placing it on the stand in various places. This then led me too look at things that have been tightly bound, which led me to Chinese foot binding.

I have researched into Chinese foot binding, pining fabric on the stand to replicate this and carrying out shape development. When looking at pictures of bound feet, the way in which they had been done so reminded me of pleats in fabric, which led to me creating a sample showing this. The tight pleats in the fabric, then reminded me of bones and the skeleton structure.

Pleating to replicate, the foot structure.

Page on Anorexia in my sketch book.

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