Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fittings Week

Last week was fittings week, where we all had a set time to fit to our models. When I tried my garment on my first model it was too small and I could not get the neck of the bodice over her head, this was also repeated on my second model which indicated that the neck of my garment was clearly too small!
To problem solve, I cut 1cm off around the neck and then adapted my patterns to match, I then tried my garment on the third model and it fitted around the neck. I did however have to adjust the waist and back.

To adapt my garment, I unpicked the waist band and zip I then cut of either side of the zip where I had placed my pins in fittings, this was around 3.5cm.

I first of all took off, around 1cm each side. I then needed to take a further 2.5cm off each side. 

Here you can see where I have pinned, to fit it to the model. To adapt the bodice I unpicked the back panels of the bodice and increased the seam allowance to 3.5cm and stitched back up.

Once I had fitted it and adapted my garment too the model, I then was able to attach the roles to the front and back.

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