Sunday, 24 June 2012

This week was the "Mid Cheshire College Fashion show" where 12 months of my work was exhibited through my final dress. 
The show ran both Thursday and Friday evening at the Winsford Lifestyle centre. 

Here are some "behind scenes photos'

Preparation for the fashion show 

Ash on set..

Here is my dress, on the thursday night. Just before the dress went down the catwalk I used black thread and did three tacking stitches in the puff sleeve to add extra volume.

Table layout for Friday night

Dress from the front

Dress from the back

Dress from the back

With my model

Beth and her model

Lissy and Beth

Me and Lissy

Ash's dress and model


Lissy modelling wedding dress collection

Lissy, Bobbie, Me and Libby

Nicole, Lissy and Me


Professional Photo's taken by Photography Students;

Overall I really enjoyed the fashion show, and was pleased with my garment. It was amazing to see the work, effort, preparation, time and money that is all fuelled into running a fashion show, and experience that first hand. Seeing my initial design, transform into a dress and be able to visualise it on the catwalk was also outstanding and gets me exited for next year!

I also enjoyed the behind scenes preparation, working with the models dressing them and ensuring they are suitable to go onto the catwalk. Although I was worried about the quick changes, and ensuring that my model was ready the adrenaline takes over and you just have to keep up and do it!

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