Monday, 18 June 2012



Sew darts in Front panel
Create and attach roles
Sew back panels together and over lock seams together, attach and make back roles
Insert invisible zip in
Sew both shoulder seems and over lock together
Over lock each side of right side shoulder
Sew the two shoulder seams together, and over lock to close seam
Stitch the bottom of the puff to the flat sleeve ad top stitch
Tack rest of sleeve to sleeve head
To close the left sleeve up over lock seams together
Attach the whole of left armhole and over lock raw edges
Put right sleeve in, over lock sleeve head and stitch under arm into side of body and over lock
Attach facing


Underskirt - sew front darts in underskirt
Sew back darts in underskirt
Insert zip in centre back
Stitch up the centre back seam, stopping where the zip would go and over lock seam
Stitch side seams and over lock together
Create puff ball and gather
Attach puff ball hem to the hem of underskirt
Interface the waistband
Attach waistband

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