Wednesday, 13 June 2012

These are the roles that will feature on the front of my garment, to finish them of neatly I ironed under the raw edges and folded them under twice at 1cm and topstitched.
I then sewn the roles onto the front of my bodice, straight down the middle.

I have now begun to manufacture my final garment, here is the skirt completed. A problem I faced whilst constructing the skirt was, gathering the skirt. Because the skirt hem length was such a large scale my threads where snapping as I was gathering.
To problem solve this, I had to split it up into sections, sewing so far gathering then repeating this process.

Here is my skirt finished, and ready to be fitted to my model.

Once I have fitted my skirt, to the model I will put a hook and eye on the waistband.

I then begun to manufacture, my top. The difficult area was manufacturing the puff sleeves as again the thread kept snapping whilst I was gathering. As I had already overcome this problem whilst manufacturing my skirt I new how to solve it. 

Here is one of my sleeves, complete. I also did a retainer row around the bottom of my puff ball.

Here is my finished bodice, I cannot apply the facings to the neck or hem until I have fitted the bodice to the model.

I am going to do a series of hand stitches on the sleeve, as you can see on the right. This gives it more volume, and reflects my theme further.

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