Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Final Design

Yesterday I choose my final design, for the College Fashion Show... however I still don't feel happy with it! To choose my design I picked five of my favourite designs, and incorporated different aspects of each into one design. 

I then reflected upon other designers work, and looked at ways that they had achieved this effect. 
This also gave me my inspiration for the fabric for my garment; Duchess Satin. I have choose this as it will compliment the effect I aim to achieve. These pictures come from Alexander McQueens; The girl who lived in the tree. I have previously researched into this collection, and have choose it as it reflects the effect I want to portray. 


I have also begun to sample, using sections to ensure I achieve the right effect. I have also used Alexander Mcqueen's collection to help me sample. I used calico, pinning it to the mannequin I am also going to sample this in the duchess satin to see how it would actually look. 

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