Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Today I began my toile diary, to record my "journey" through making my garment. I also began to sample, the tubes that will feature at the front of my garment. 

1. Firstly I cut a suitable sized piece of fabric, and ironed interfacing onto it. 
2. I then drew markers on the interfacing, 7cm which would be the roll and then a 3cm gap. 
3. I then folded the fabric on the 7cm ensuring both markers matched and sewn down, leaving a gap and repeating this step.       
4. I then pined the tubes so it was equal each side of the folds, and sewn straight down the middle. 

Here I am pinning the roles, ensuring they are even
either side

All rolls are pinned, I have drew my line down the centre
and am ready to sew onto 

Here I have know sewn down the centre

I then repeated these steps changing the measurements too;

6cm rolls with a gap of 3cm
8cm rolls with a gap of 4cm

I then decided that the original worked best, using 7cm rolls and a 3cm gap.

Here I have created the 8cm rolls, they are now ready to be pinned.

Rolls are pinned and have been sewn down centre.

I also began to sample the sleeve on my garment, where I am aiming to achieving maximum volume. To do this I traced of the sleeve block, and then divided it up into 10 sections, which I then cut up. I then traced of the sleeve block again, as I will use my original for the lining. I then on a new sheet of pattern paper made myself a centre point, which I then put the cut up pieces around and extended them outwards by 10cm. I then drew around these and therefore created my over sized sleeve block.

 I then pinned my fabric to the pattern and cut around, once complete I  that began to sew two taking stitches around the outside of the sleeve and pulled to ruche the fabric. Once complete I will upload photo's


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