Monday, 21 May 2012

This week I have began to toile, my final garment.

The first port of call was to pattern for the bodice, I traced round the bodice pattern and adapted it to suit my specification. I then manufactured the darts, interred the zip and sewn the shoulders together.

Another problem I faced was when I put my bodice on the mannequin, it was then clear that the neck was too tight. To problem solve this I then dropped the neckline by 2.5cms and transferred this to my existing patterns.

I then took my sleeve sample out of my sketchbook to attach to the bodice, but the sleeve I had was too small for the bodice. I then had to re pattern for the sleeve head.  I also wanted more volume, so I divided the pattern up and expanded it out by 20-30cms adding more volume towards the top of the sleeve.

This here is the bodice, with the sleeve attatched.

This picture shows the rolls pinned on, that will feature on the front of my garment.

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