Monday, 14 May 2012

Firstly this is a very delayed post... as in 3 months late! I had lost my camera and have just found it with these pictures on and so her is the post to follow...

During February I went to Oxford Rds Corner house with my mum, which is the home of art, films, books, food and drink. Whilst here I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Samantha Donnelly's Contour States exhibition.
 The exhibition compromised semi-painted casts of mannequins, sexualised figures of the female body, three dimensional sculptures and architecture.  Samantha has a strong interest portrayed in today's media who idealise the human female form, and her work is a clear representation of this. 

Another exhibition that took place on the second floor was; Lost is found. This was a group show of work from nine artists. The exhibition displayed objects that had been discarded and that have now been transformed into beautiful history with new identities. 

"Displacement of identity, relics of childhood, secret desires, fragments of memory and traces of history are brought to life through sculpture, photography, installation and drawing"

My favourite piece was  Richard Proffitt’s Louisiana Blues, Anywhere is an absurd totem of the modern world, which consisted of  a makeshift ceremonial artefact inspired by biker and teenage subculture.

Me and my mum in Manchester;

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