Monday, 14 May 2012

Today I began to construct my toile, I began by patterning for the bodice.

1. Firstly I traced of the front and back bodice, onto pattern paper.

2. I then closed the front bodice dart using the slash and spread method, and altered the arm holes to my design  and traced this of onto new piece of pattern paper.
First draft
Adaptations, with added seam allowance.

3. I then added my seam allowance and cut out.

Final pattern
Manufacture of Toile

1. I firstly pinned my fabric to calico and cut out

2.  To start I manufactured the darts in the front of my garment.

3. I then over locked the two left sides where my zip will be applied upside down. I then inserted my zip sewing up using the zipper foot leaving 1cm at the top of the zip.

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